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Also: If you have high speed download capability, you may be interested in viewing a music video. When I went with Jerry and Daniel to the Warped Tour, I watched a band called UNDEROATH on a sidestage.

I stood near the stage as the band gathered in a circle before their first song. I heard someone next to me ask,

"What are they doing?"

"They're praying," someone answered.

"Oh, I didn't know they were a Christian band,"
                                   was the boy's reply to that answer.

Then, the band rocked. My sons missed their show at the Warped Tour but went with others from Galt to watch them at a venue in Roseville called the Underground. The Underground is a cafe sponsored by a church. It is a great showcase for bands. I went to see Random Intelligence there when I first got back from Liberia. You know Rock Music has really settled down since I was a teen. I seem to remember that our Rock Shows were quite smoky.

So, get ready for 
y2k5.teenagers 101:

UNDright click to downloadEROATH  LIVE
 "A Boy Brushed Red
  Living In Black And White" 

   at the Underground

Click here: for a video-stream

       this video is about 50 MB
          so it takes a couple minutes to download.

If you don't have high speed, or don't care to watch a room full of young people rocking out on church-owned property, you could skip the song and just visit the Underground Cafe, click below:


and then, there's the website for this band. particularly interesting to me is The Forum:


Sent: Saturday, March 19, 2005 5:31 PM
Subject: Hey Buddy!!
  Just wanted to tell you a little story. We've decided to push a little more praise team wise, having practices twice a week. Our regular drummer couldn't make it today, so I asked Jerry to fill in!
Wow!!!!! That boy is playin' some serious drum!!
   Man, what a pleasure it was to make music with that young man. I mean ta tell ya buddy. When he plays, I hear music coming from those drums. He was pretty good last June, but you know, I think those V Drums probably weren't quite as comfortable for him, and hey, he's more than likely just improved that much! I'll know more after he comes over and play for me on those couple songs I sent him home with. I'll keep ya posted Lol. No Kidding Rob. That kid can play!
   You should be proud. I'm sure tickled, and his attitude? Gosh you just couldn't ask for better. Ya just couldn't. A respectful, and yet, very very able, young musician. Heck of a kid! Ya done good! You and Cathy. I just can't wait for the morning worship. I told our other drummer that Jerry needed some encouragement too, and that this didn't mean he would be losing his job or anything, that I just wanted Jerry to play some of the time as well. I think it's all good.

   The other young man is Brandon, and he plays well, has worked hard and probably will continue to do that. If you give him something to learn, boy, he does it right. 

   With God's help, I hope to keep both young men involved with worship, maybe doing some other percussion as well as drums. I'll be praying about that. Anyway Rob, I just wanted you to know how much joy I had today, playing with your son, and thinking about you, and the music you and I have made together. What a blessing.

Editor's Note: 2.22.05 
      Until the archival footage of C.H.S. Follies is located, indigenous coldwater producer, yatukutay, has chosen to digitize and publish
 a childhood trilogy by a current C.H.S. student,
Jerry Patterson.
(see right column)

  coldwater - born
                        producer  yatukutay
continues to support spontaneous
creative combustion from high school filmmakers.

Click Here to watch an Original Vignette based on Napoleon Dynamite written by students in a parallel universe: G.H.S.

Aimee Sayre as Summer
Daniel Patterson
as Napoleon

 read what others are saying...

   and here's another video clip
    edited by
Daniel Patterson
GHS freestyle wrestling: click here 1:04

An internet review:
submitted by Natalie from Singapore

Looking for a place to sharpen your skills? Look no more!


     In this Original Vignette by the Epicenter's own Creative Production Team of Napoleon Dynamite, Aimee Sayre as the insistent Summer Wheatley and Daniel Patterson as the renowned Napoleon Dynamite are impressive in acting out their respective characters. The plot presents a conflict between Napoleon’s desire for an uncomplicated life and Summer’s quest for him to jump on the bandwagon of materialism. Her weapon of choice was neither a bowstaff or a freakin’ 12 gauge but rather something a little more common – a credit card.


     Having watched the DVD 7 times, I’ve pretty much memorized the mannerisms of Napoleon as well as Summer’s and I have to say that Daniel did such an amazing job at imitating Napoleon that it was uncanny in many ways. The way he chapped his lips , the manner in which he spoke was almost the exact replica of Jon Heder. And Daniel does look like Napoleon in the movie, except for the hair maybe. 

     Aimee portrayed Summer’s condescension accurately as seen in her review of Napoleon’s room. Her dramatization was equally perfect with “ Do you want them to starve?” Her sharp retorts and convictions also injected humor, spice and color to her character.
Summer’s definition of a happy life is clearly the anti thesis of Napoleon’s who is “ pretty contented with “ what he has.

     Napoleon’s indifference towards Summer’s claims that the American dream as well as the extravagant lifestyles of the rich and famous would make him happy, stems from his contentment with the simple life he leads. Like many of us, he desires to have many things but he understands that his wants may not be what he truly needs.  The television set he owns may not be a state-of-the-art 42” plasma TV and his furniture may not  match but contradictory to what Ms. Wheatley affirms, these are not important for happiness. And it is through such ingenuous simplicity in thought that truly makes Napoleon larger than life.


Kudos to all who made the
Napoleon Dynamite--Galt-Style
                                 so awesome…Gosh!

Update: 1.25.05  Last night I rented the DVD and watched all of the commentary. Especially helpful was a feature:
Heaven Help Us: a short documentary of the thought and hope that went into their project. I admire Brian Dannelly as a conscientious artist. Much of what I know about him was gleaned from the actors' interviews I read months ago. They spoke of the Director requiring them to attend a number of 'real' youth rallies, conferences, etc. to get jiggy with the whole 'christian youth culture.'

Last year,
when this movie about high school
         culture was released,
I sent an email to

Brian Dannelly.

is a copy of the letter that I wrote to Brian. I was thrilled that this busy filmmaker took the time
                                              to respond to my note.

The 21st Century is an Open Door of Opportunity that allows us to cross many ancient boundaries. 
Limited imaginations are a hindrance for those who hope to walk through the Door the Lord has opened. In my letter I tried to show Brian that I appreciate his God-given imagination as he uses the tools of his millennial generation.

From: pastorob

Sent: Friday, June 18, 2004 6:11 AM
Subject: your recent release
Hi Brian:
My wife, son, and I viewed your film SAVED! for the first time yesterday. I had seen Mandy Moore on Letterman talk about 'controversy' with the story...so decided to go see it.
Our immediate reflection and discussion led me to the assertion that you must hold to a different worldview than me.
I got your email address from a blog...from a google search. I would be interested in reading anything that you feel rightly represents your developing theology. Perhaps I'll hunt around on the web for sites that mention your past productions....however, a link to a few good sites would be most appreciated.
Myself: the pastor of a small baptist church in northern california (with a deepening faith as well). 
I became a Christian at age 26...twenty years ago....having lived as an agnostic with very little restraint and did not take Christians seriously. Personal crisis led to my faith in the Christ of the Bible as ever-present and interested in my thoughts and my heart.
Thank you for taking the time to 'talk to strangers.'
Rob Patterson

   Brian wrote back (below); my computer later crashed and I had lost my email records so I never wrote him again. Recently, d.c.tom forwarded the copy I had sent him (I was so excited to have received a response from Brian). If any of you should decide to write to Brian, please be courteous.

  I suggest that you rent the DVD and watch the film carefully before offering your feedback. Here is Brian's long-lost letter:

From: "Brian Dannelly"
To: "Rob or Cathy Patterson"
Sent: Monday, June 21, 2004 1:05 AM
Subject: Re: your recent release


  Well, it's true, we may hold different world views...but, I think we're looking for the same thing. One of the very best things to come out of this experience is that I've received so many
kind emails from evangelical Christians and it's actually made me want to explore my relationship with JC more than ever.

  In spite of all the controversy, it's been a very moving experience for me.

  Thank you so much for writing to me. I would love to talk to you more.

Please feel free to write.

  A quick note, I've just returned from two weeks worth of film festival madness and am very tired and am trying to answer over 700 emails...but, yours stood out and I wanted to get back to [you]right away.



A note to my fellow CHS grad:

January 15, 2005

Hi Carol:

  If you'll notice on our website, we have a new page called CHS Follies:

    2 columns:  Class of 1975.....THEN   
           and  Class of Y2K5.....NOW

  In this left column, after I locate the student film I shot (Super 8 circa. Spring 1975), I will feature short mpeg videos. Our task then will be to CLICK and IDENTIFY who those kids were (and 'what were they thinking').

  The film, CHS Follies, was cinema verite'(before I knew what that was) set in the middle of CHS hallways as the dismissal bell rings. 1975-era young people dressed in authentic period pieces came rushing out of classrooms; go back in your long-term memory and relive the excitement of 2-way pedestrian traffic, the unique individuals, the teachers, the couples, the friends (duets, trios, even quads), the loner weaving through those who aren't moving as fast.

   Featuring kids from the classes of 1975,1976, and 1977.  My brother, Mike, was in the class of '77. There's a good chance that he's seen walking down the
hall to his next class....good chance that you're in it...your friends...who knows?

   My Dad, who still lives in Coldwater, is friends with Randy Hazelbaker; I remember really liking that kid back in the day. I think I remember correctly that he helped me win 1st Place Student of the Year for  D.E.C.A.

   Randy helped by shooting photographs, and using the Careers Center darkroom so I could create a portfolia of my legitimate
ventures; I've heard that Randy is now the resident historian for Coldwater, right?  He once featured my Dad on a Cable Access program. Whatever his current skills and interests, he fits the demographic
for this year's strangest web-based reality show: CHS Follies.

   Could somebody call him, simply explain some of this conceptual brainstorming, send him an email link to this page?

   I haven't mentioned any of this Reality Show to Greg Brayton (Class of 73) yet.....but my son, Jerry, is now attending his church and went to Sunday School with him last week. I think Greg
will be on board to help with production.

   Perhaps you could brainstorm about the BIG SEASON FINALE. The best Reality
Shows always have a 'twist' at the end.
I have some ideas brewing...I like my coffee hot and strong(likewise the Season Finale).


Rob Patterson Click here to write

To: The Editor
Sent: Saturday, January 15, 2005 12:25 PM
Subject: Note from Carol Pierce

   Greetings from the very cold state of Michigan. Nancy told me earlier this week that Jerry has moved here. What an adventure for all of you!

   She and I have been working together on a Renaissance Festival, and she told
me last night (at the festival) that I should check out your web page.

   So, that's what I have been doing for last 30 minutes. You have a lot of info
there! Of course, I was especially interested in your family info and
Jerry's journey to join us here in this great state!

   I am looking forward to CHS Follies:
I think! Thirty years. It's hard to
believe, isn't it?  We certainly are a lot younger than people in their late 40's were back in the 1970's, don't you think!?By the way, I still have my copy of the Senior Mirror poll and you forgot to admit that you were also voted 2nd place "Class Clown" (right behind Rich Fraley and tied with Steve Neesley).  Just thought I'd refresh your memory!

   I saw Jerry last night at the Renaissance Festival.  He was hanging with my niece, Lauren (big surprise!)  He is looking healthy, content, and comfortable! 

   It's nice that he has Nancy and her family, and I'm sure that he's comfortable with Lauren's parents, but just for the record, if he ever needs anything, the Ogles would also help him in a heartbeat. Let him know that for us, okay?  I have a son, Sam, who is a senior this year and
knows Richelle (2006) and Sarah (2007) very well. They are in the Balladiers together. 

   So hopefully he and Jerry's paths will cross and they can get to know each
other.  Sam is a really laid back kid, very kind, and also a drummer,
so it sounds like they may have some common ground.  Anyway, I realize this
was a huge decision for you and Cathy, so let us know if there's anything we
can do.

   Well, just wanted to drop you a line.  We will add you all to our prayer list. 
I look forward to getting back on your web page when I have more time.

Until then, 

to email: click here


         Mr. Petzko as himself
         Coach Bilsborrow as himself
         The Friends, The Cousins,
         The Principal, The Teachers,
         The Lunchroom, The Cars,
         The Laughs, The Pathos . . .

    The Senior Classes  of  2005-2008
        meet  Jerry Patterson
                in this season's hottest
 reality show.

CLICK HERE for preproduction special feature

  Its kinda

                                         the class of     2005

 15   minutes   of   fame . . .

                  Want to appear on CHS Follies? CLICK HERE

   This side is for contemporary CHS students

Show Them TRUTH

Coldwater High School has a newly-formed student group on campus: "the Gay-Straight Alliance."

Another example of the Gay Activist Agenda, our teenagers are being asked to identify and question their sexuality and submit to being 'educated' by accepting classifications of sexual identity beyond that which is normal: Male and Female.

Websites like myspace.com ask our young people to identify their orientation as

Students at Coldwater High School (my alma mater) are being asked to take part in the national campaign "Silent No More."

An 11th grader poet/musician has decided to no longer remain silent. He values his peers enough to endure the pressure of asking some thoughtful questions:
                                                   CLICK HERE

Jerry will graduate from C.H.S. this Sunday. He has attended the United Methodist Church during his time in Coldwater. Graduates were honored at a breakfast on Sunday, May 15th. Allison and Ashley reached out to Jerry as they finished high school together.

editor's note:
Jerry doesn't need to write in any longer because Dad has come to Coldwater to work on his doctorate. He will stay there until Jerry's graduation from CHS in May, 2005. Still, for archival purposes, we have chosen to leave the following entries online.

Write to Jerry at: your_favorite_weapon_3

  just in.... from Jerry


February 28, 2005
Hey Dad and Mom and Family,

   I just watched the Napoleon clip and laughed up a storm. I'm sure everyone in the library thinks I'm crazy. Daniel totally hit the nail on the head on that one ('ughhh, freakin idiot.' hahaha).

   I'm makin sure to get the word out about the site to all the hardcore Napoleon fans out here.



 Jerry Patterson
 on a father/son field 
 trip to Coldwater in 2004.
 Jerry assisted his Dad
 by laying drum tracks
 with Greg Brayton for 
 Liberia 2004.

 More collaboration is being
 planned with Greg, Dad,
 and other special guests for
 Liberia y2k5

 Hear Jerry's first
 published recording track
 at the age of three
 (from FirstFruits).

February 23, 2005

Hey dad, mom, and family,

   How are you all? Its about 1:30 and I'm writing you from the public library. I woke up at 3 AM  to drive Jordan to the airport with Grandma. I am happy to say it all went great.

   We got Jordan to the airport with plenty of time to get to his departure gate. On the way home grandma was worried about me gettin a cold, because I haven't got too much sleep, and I sound sick.

   So we stopped for breakfast and tea at a fun little restaurant, and grandma picked me up some cough drops and some throat spray. I was very happy with the outcome of the trip, because I was worried it would be awkward being with grandma for so long, but it turned out great, and we got to talk a lot.

   I slept as soon as I got home, so now I am well rested. I got to skip school today because of all of the travel, so it was a nice little break.

   I have 2 more days of school and then the weekend comes, so that should be happy. Lauren invited me to go to  the Rotary Show  with her and her family. I am very happy about that, because Greg had mentioned a little bit about it, and it sounded like fun. Well I g2g, I have to get home, and get some more sleep. I love and miss you all...

Dad, I got to check out the site, I'm loving what u are doing with it.  Its very funny.



  To the general public:

    Jordan Stribley should be back in California now. CLICK HERE and check out this short audio clip:

     "Hi, this is Jordan from California...
                    and you're listening to StudioTime!"

    Greg Brayton recorded Jordan for a StudioTime promo--featuring Jordan's signature scream. We uploaded the MP3.

Greg also gave me a demo of 2 songs upon which I'll lay down drum tracks later this week.

That is great news about my childhood books being published.

Who would have ever imagined?


Ching's Revenge from

A  Childhood Trilogy

  1. The Sword
  2. The Ring
  3. Ching's Revenge

Ching's Revenge

   (written and illustrated by Jerry Patterson, circa. 1994).

The story you are about
To read is about a kid named Arthor [who] is in deep trouble.

Raded G

        That's the End
         of this series.

The Sword, The Ring,
      Ching's Revenge.

                                                    back cover
               inside cover  
"a ya"
  "help"    "I'll help you." 
               "ahah"        "wof"

       Ching's Revenge                  

As you remember two months ago Arthor had the ring. Now he is 14 and a half. Arthor's dad had a friend
named Albert Zine.    
                                                                    page 1

   Arthor's father, Axel, thought that Arthor and Albet Zine had something in common. So Axel told Arthor, "You are going to see Dr. Zine."

   On his way to Dr. Zine's Office, he played around with his ring, tossing it back and forth between his hands. As he approached Dr. Zine's lab, he tripped over a cord and dropped his ring. When the owner of the ring drops it, he loses control and the ring takes over.

   Accidentally, Arthor sent Dr. Zine into Dinosaur Time which sent him to the other sided of the world.
                                                                     page 2

    Meanwhile, Ching was busy making weapons in his cave. Somehow Ching had a feeling that some kind of scientist was now in Dinosaur Time.

    So Ching took a ride on a Taradactly to see if he was right, if there was a scientist around. He was right! He could sense that a scientist was two hundred miles away.

    Ching grabbed a stick from a tree and hit the Taradactyl so it would go faster. Ching traveled 179 miles quickly. He was now only three miles away from Dr. Zine. He would be reaching the scientist soon.
                                                                     page 3

    Finally, Ching found Dr. Zine and threatened to murder him with his Tyranosaurus Rex if he didn't make a time machine. So Dr. Zine started to make one.
                                                                     page 4

     He used Dinosaur bones for the outside of the chair with Wooly Mommoth fur. He used the tusks from the Wooly Mammoth for a weapon on the machine. The tusks were used to ram people who tryed to hurt Ching. They were on the front of the machine. He put different kinds of plants together to make a potion that would make the time machine to to the future.

                    Ching's Private House             page 5

   Ching: "It looks good"   Potion  and  Time Machine

     Ching jumped in and told Dr. Zine to put the potion in to the machine. So Dr. Zine did. Ching went around and around in a circle, so fast that he went into the future.
                                                                     page 6

    Ching went straight to Arthor's school. Arthor was in Science class,making a top secret ax that only Arthor could hold. Ching ran to Arthor's Study Hall. He didn't find Arthor there. Then he went to Arthor's Science Class and found Arthor.

     Ching raced after Arthor to the playground, into the lunch area, to the playground again--where the battle began. Ching had brought a humungous bat from Cave Man Time.

Ching swung first, but he missed. Arthor took his ax! He has good aim and he split Ching in half. Circuits flew out of Ching's body because Ching was a Robot.

     Even if someone tried to put Ching together, they couldn't. The reason Ching couldn't be put back together was that Dr. Zine had made Ching.

                                                                     page 7

     When he made him he made sure that if Ching was ever split in half, no one would ever be able to fix Ching because Ching was a failure.

     The story ends with Arthor safe and sound, Ching dead as a doorknob, and Dr. Zine starving in Dinosaur Time, never able to get back or find anything to help him make machines.  
                                                                    page 8

              appendix:  supplemental illustrations
                                        Ching dead as a doorknob
Arthor safe and sound                on the playground

      Dr. Zine almost dead          Jerry writing away:
"I have to finish this."

parts 1 and 2 of Jerry's Childhood Trilogy

Tuesday, February 15, 2005  


Hi Mom, Dad and Family,


    How are you all? I am not going to be able to use the Internet as freely as I had before, because Mikey's computer is giving him problems. Its kind of funny though, cuz Hotmail finally started working on his computer, and then it crashes.

    How is the church and youth group going? I know that Gina and Tyler were leaving, and I didn’t know really what was going on with that. I'm looking forward to a SUPER weekend coming up. We have Friday and Monday off, so it will work out very nicely since Jordan is going to be here.

   Dad, can you send me some lunch/misc. money? I have run out of funds, because of the jackets and gloves, and my lunches. If you could, could you get a hold of Jordan and send it with him? Also, can you pray about safe traveling weather? We expect to get 6 ‘’ of snow 2night and I hope it cools down before Thursday.

   Uncle Mike is doing good, and so is Mikey. I've been running lots of errands for uncle Mike (and have been trying to hang out with Mikey as much as possible). I got sick over the weekend, so that was kinda boring. I'm getting over it though. I came straight home from school and slept till about 9 last night, so I'm staying well rested.

    My Valentines Day went great. I had made a card for Lauren, and it turned out a lot better than I could have planned. I just feel like God was really working stuff out for me on Sunday. Before I had gone to church I noticed that I had very little money, and that I wanted to make it stretch. Mom had sent me $50 for clothes, but I had used it on lunch, and toiletries. I still had to save money to help pay for gas money for grandma and Mikey to pick up and drop off Jordan from the airport. All this running through my head, I realized that I hadn’t tithed on the money. I knew it would tie me even tighter than I was to tithe the $5, but I remembered that God will always work things out for you if your faithful. So, I tithed the money. After that it seemed like everything worked out for me.

    I was right in time to pick up a rose from the florist
(3 minutes before they closed), and when I went to buy a stuffed animal, it turned out being way cheaper than I had budgeted. So, I just really realized the good in having faith in God.

    SO yes, Valentine's Day went great, and now...
                   Me and Lauren are an “item.”
                            We made it official yesterday.

    Well, I'm sending this email in computer class, so I better get back to my work. I just wanted to send u an email to let u know the latest news.

I love and miss you all.




Friday, February 11, 2005 


   Sorry it took so long to write back but I've been busy. Uncle Mike didn't get caught driving, he just went in for an evaluation, and they made it final. I didn't end up really going shopping, cuz I ran out of lunch money, so I just am spending it there.

   What's the latest news on dad? How is he doing?Jordan is set to fly down here this Thursday and leave on Tuesday. I'm pretty excited

Aunt Nancy is gonna send you a graduation gown order form so u can order what u want.

Well I g2g, I'm not supposed to be on at the school. Tell Mary, Daniel, and family that I love and miss them.



Monday, February 07, 2005 2:47 PM

 Hey mom,

   That's not good to hear that you're sick. I am too, but I drink a lot of water and sleep, and its goin away.

   We won our volleyball game on Saturday, and I helped with a church fundraiser on Sunday. My number here is 517-278-6569. I got the package and letter 2day. It was A GREAT SURPRISE, especially the muffins. I hope you get better and can go to school n work soon. Uncle Mike got his license stamped and if he gets caught driving then he gets a 500$ fine and up to 90 days in jail, so pray for him and that he'll be happy. Jordan's comin out to see me on my winter break thing on the 17th, so that is something for me to look forward to.

Well, I g2g. 



Saturday, February 05, 2005

Hi Mom,

   Alright, I'll make sure to keep my eye open for the check. Thank you so much! That's kinda funny about Joe's unknown expenses with his dorm room; it sounds scary.

   Mikey had sumtin kinda like that. He couldn't go to school cuz he hadn't made a deposit , so he's out for the semester. I am trying to use my turbo cleaning skills for uncle mikes benefit, but its hard.

   I always try n take care of the dishes. Well I g2g to Volleyball now, but I'll talk to you later...I miss you!



Thursday, February 03, 2005 3:24 PM
Subject: Re: Hi!
   Well, I can't wait for the money to get here =)

   I did have a job lettin Ben's dog out, but I have school now so I can't do that anymore. The money I got from that have been supporting my fun time, but now I have no more funding.

   I'll make sure to email Joe for his bday. Are u excited for ur bday? I remember that it's comin up too. I talked to Daniel bout wrestling. He seems pretty pumped about it all. Well, I g2g. Uncle Mike wants me to run an errand.


Wednesday, February 02, 2005 1:18 PM
Subject: Hi!
Hi Mom,
   Hmm a good time to call me is usually on weekdays at around 4 on. On Wednesdays I go to Youth Group, but other than that I'm always home.

   Hmm,....this weekend I might be home, probably not at night, but on Saturday during the day I'm sure I'll  be at home. Valentines Day...I think we have a dance, but as I remember Lauren doesn't like dances, and I don't know if they're "cool" here. If they are cool I so wanna go, cuz I miss dances. I don't know what I'm gettin her for Valentines; I don't have too much money left in my lunch account, and her bday is comin up on the 23rd.

   I'm not used to serious relationships with girls, so its all weird now, and I wanna kill any guy she even looks at, so I'm workin on that. Aunt Nancy is finding the date of graduation out. I got a slip to order my cap n gown today. Yeah, I'd like to go to SWC, but I'd want others to go to, like if u could talk Daniel into it. That's good to hear that Dad's doin good, and that he got there safely. Do u know if its a better situation than Liberia?

   Well, school is comin along good. I'm doin my best in all my classes, and I think it will show in my grades, but since I just sit at home all day then I end up doing all my homework. I kinda look forward to fast paced Cali life. Here everything is slow, but they make up for it in Drama. There's a lot of drama here, which I don't like, but I can't really change it. Well, I g2g.



Monday, January 31, 2005 2:02 PM
Subject: Hi
Hi Mom,

   Sorry its taken me so long to write back. I haven't got to check my mail in a while, cuz the library was closed. I don't know the exact date for graduation yet, but I think its end of May. I'll look into it.

   Lately I've been getting really homesick. I hope at least Dad gets to come here later to record or sumtin, so I'll see something from home. I talked to Jordan and his mom said she'd buy him a ticket here whenever he wanted to come. That would put a smile on my face, but I have to find him a place to stay and a ride from the airport so I'm gonna start workin on that.

   Yesterday was the church ping-pong match. Me n my partner Ashley got 3rd. It was weird cuz all the adults were really competitive. I really like these 2 youth groups I'm in though. I'm not hangin out with guys too much now; its just mainly girls, but they're just as interesting as guys I guess.

   So how are you doing without Dad? I miss our shopping trips and house projects we have always had when Dad's been gone. I try n clean up around Uncle Mike's, but its hard, cuz I don't know what goes where and all that.

   So far school is going good and on progress reports I had all A's. I like all my teachers, but Ms. Kiss is a Democrat, and I don't like it, but I'm gonna keep quiet, cuz I can tell there's some Bush supporters in that class.

   Well I g2g, the librarian is givin me the look. Let me know when u send out the money, so I can be on the look out for it. Tell all the kids that I miss them, and I miss you. I love you all.


Saturday, January 29, y2k5

  A cell phone call with Dad:
      (UncleRob™ to some)

   Hi Dad:

   I know that you're leaving for Africa tomorrow and just wanted to talk with you one last time.

    School? Yeah, its going great! I could possibly get all As this last semester.
fter school I go back to  Uncle Mike's house and do my homework; I spent 3 hours on my collage, put blue construction paper behind the pictures; I drew an outline of the state of California. I think I made a good presentation in Ms.Kaschalk's class. I actually like doing the homework here. Well, not having a band or guy friends helps!

   There's another student here from California. Esther was born in the OC and has comes back and forth to Michigan through the years.
   I went out with Lauren parent's and grandparents last night. I'm also really getting involved in the youth groups here. My church's youth group is small but good. Then, I also go to the Free Methodist Church for their youth group. There's a Youth Leader named Chris that I really like!
    Allison  invited to be on their volleyball team; we won;
   Tomorrow I will partner with Ashley for a ping-pong tournament; she's best friends with Allison; I met them by having lunch with Megan; The seniors all eat lunch together so I sit with these friends and  2 other quieter girls andone guy: a boyfriend; The are a lotta guys at the Free Methodist Church; Chris calls me Dane (I remind him of a guy he knows named Dane; Chris is always cracking jokes; I feel comfortable there; Chris also comes and eats lunch with us at the High School on Fridays.
   We play a game in the Youth Group called "Trainwreck" (for example someone calls off "Rows 1-7 switch; 2-3 switch,...then they yell "Trainwreck!" and everyone switches with one person left standing ;its similar to one we played in California called "Fruit Basket Upset").
   The Free Methodist Chruch also has a Youth Band; they're good; I totally compliment everyone and am not pushing myself here as a drummer. Someday, I'll probably be asked to fill in for a band somewhere...


Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2005 2:54 PM
Subject: RE: napoleon dynamite
Wow dad!!! Great Napoleon Page, it gave me a little giggle.

I'll make sure to show all the Hardcore Napoleon fans down here.

 Monday, January 24, y2k5

  A cell phone call with Dad:
      (UncleRob™ to some)

    Went to church; Joe played bass 
    Introduced me to his son, Joseph;  introduced to others
    in their Youth Room;  might do a Trading Spaces with
    another church where they
redecorate each other's
    Youth Room;

    Yesterday was great! A church ping-pong tournament,
    some seniors showed up;
    Snowy cancelled bowling, still had youth basketball,
    shot hoops in that room where we ate breakfast last
    Easter;  went to lunch;   youth at night only a few kids 
    who said, "We need teams for ping pongl  Told me about
    the Night Rider (a double decker bus trip to Florida
    ... in May, I think.
    I lost my keys in the snow; went all over the church
    looking for them; on the way home I saw an impression
    of keys in the snow, but someone had picked them
    up....I started following the footprints. Our next door
    neighbor had found them.
    Have made friends withSarah and Katelyn; 2nd period  in
    another class with a mutual friend introduced by
    Lauren...only have 5 minutes between classes; my
    locker is far away from all my classes.

    Teachers?   um.......
 1st  Ms. Kiss Social Issues (a Michael Moore girl in the class bashing Bush; Kerry poster on the wall; seems like a Kerry/Edwards majority among the students);
  2nd Mrs. Todd    Foods,  active student teacher in class.
 3rd hour  Mrs.Shaffer a hard class, a stickler for rules.
 PE  Mr. Fuller nice guy; some kids joke around with him.
 Speech  Ms. Kaschalk  quiet, accent nice,  have to make a collage; don't have any photos here so I think I'll draw picture of the family.
 Govt. with Mr. Stevens  I like his corny jokes.

Hello Mom, Dad
         and Family Members,

How are all y'all?
<----my new accent!

   I'm doing pretty good. I had my 1st Friday at the School. It wasn't the best, but it worked out.

   My Creative Writing class was a lot more work than a [Galt] English class would ever be; it demanded that we sit at home for 30 minutes every night and just think stuff up. I don't really enjoy being forced to be creative, so I got out of it.

   I made the switch to Speech Class, which was good cuz the people are more like me. I have to write an Outline about my life, and make a collage, which won't be too hard. It will also make me a better public speaker.

   More good news: my Foods teacher goes to my church. It was quite funny on the first day she asked if I had gone to church on Sunday with Sally Brayton. I said, "yeah," and she laughed cuz she thought maybe I was one of her kids. haha.

   Mom, I was wondering if you wanted to send me money to buy some clothes. You had mentioned how I should talk to you about it after I had been here a couple of weeks, and I had seen what people wear here. I've been here a while and I think I'm gettin' a grasp on Michigan style (its almost like cali, but more bundled up).

   Well, I must be going now, my 30 online minutes are up here at the library. Write back.


CLICK HERE to email Jerry

p.s. Dad, I got the letter with all the info in it.
       Thank you!

           Wednesday, Jan. 19th

         Hey Dad:
       2nd day went
       awesome, and Andy
       invited me to band
       practice tonight. I miss you!



Tuesday, Jan. 18th         8:30 PM
  Everything's good. I went t
o the Methodist Church on Sunday (first service); hung out with Greg Brayton and went with him to his Sunday School class.

They had the Andy Griffith Bible Study (the episode where the goat eats the dynamite). It was funny to hear everyone 'interpreting' the film for Greg:

    "Greg, now the goat is eating  
                              the dynamite..."

   I'm not getting online much yet. At school, I was getting a bit lost in the hallways. I have three classes with Andy. He invited me to sit with him and his friends tomorrow at lunch.

Hi Mom!

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To: The Editor
Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2005 7:04 AM
Subject: First day of school

Well, the day finally arrived--Jerry's first day at CHS.  It was heartwarming to see the three cousins walking toward the front doors at approximately 7:55 a.m. in a frigid -2 degrees.  Jerry is learning
that winter means not only snow, but COLD temperatures.

   Jerry has been forewarned about school lunches at CHS--there are some good things, like the salad bar, but the good things have the very long lines,and then you end up with no time to eat.  So we suggested that Jerry might want to pack a lunch, and he agreed (although this morning when I asked where his lunch was, he said he had money to buy...maybe a case of not getting the lunch packed?)

   I'll keep you posted (and I'm sure he will, too) as to how his first day went...I am picking them all up at 4 pm (school gets out at 2:45, but Richelle and Sarah have Balladiers and Ladies First practices on Tuesday and Thursday, so Jerry either gets to hang out somewhere, like in the library, or go to the choir room and watch the practices.  Or he might make some friends and catch a ride with someone else.)

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Hey Dad and Family,

   I'm at Aunt Nancy's right now. We went to the Renaissance thing last night. It was very interesting. Everyone walked around all types of booths for about an hour. All the choir students were dressed up in costume and acted out what type of drama would have been going on at that time.

   There was a kid playing a Jester, and he was just so dramatic. I don't think we have any kids like him in Galt; He was loud. As far as booths there was Palm-reading, tattoo, food, and hats. There were stocks in the middle of the room where guards would put people that had disobeyed. Lauren got put in the stocks, because she was charged with "dressing Badly". It was quite funny.

   After all of that we went into the auditorium and watched a 30 minute acapella choir performance. That was quite good (besides lack of drums).

Their choir had a lot to it. I enjoyed the evening.


    Jerry in the church youth band back in 2004

So, how is everything in Galt? I am getting excited because I start school on Tuesday. I needed two more shots (tetnus and hepatitis) but I don't get those for a week.

   I'm getting along real well with Uncle Mike and Mikey. I'm getting into the flow of things. I don't like the water here though. I think I'm gonna get a big pack of bottled water for myself. I talked to Greg last night at the Renaissance thing and we talked about church. I'm gonna see him there 2morrow.

   Well I hope you do good on the Napoleon skit, and everything is well there.



Richelle and Sarah Wilson have a very special relative. All their lives he has been known as
                   'their rich uncle from California.'

A graduate of Coldwater High School, it is no wonder that recently
UncleRob was told that he has the looks of Kip and the personality of Uncle Rico. Perceptive observation.

In 2004, this Uncle came to Coldwater to record with Greg Brayton.

The Year of Lord: CLICK HERE
Luke 4:14-20

                                                       Isaiah 61:1-4
This song was written while UncleRob was reviewing the notes from a sermon he had preached in Liberia (Feb. 1994).

In the power of the Spirit, Jesus stood up to read in Nazareth's synagogue.
             the scroll and spoke from Isaiah.

StudioStuff: Jerry Patterson plays drums on this track. His cousins: Richelle, Niki, & Sarah Wilson were released from school to go into the studio and for vocals with mutual friend, Lauren Pierce.
Greg Brayton
arranged and directed the layered vocals in realtime.

l. to r. 
Richelle, Lauren, Greg, Sarah, and Niki.