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Hands and Feet
(performed by Audio Adrenaline)   Click here: Tsunami Version
For our 2005 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, we have adopted this song as our theme.

An image flashed across my TV screen, 

Another broken heart comes into view,

I saw the pain and I turned my back,
Why can稚 I do the things I want to?
I am willing yet I知 so afraid.  
You give me strength when I say:

的 wanna be Your hands,  I wanna be Your feet.
I値l go where You send me,   Go where You send me.
And be Your hands . . . I値l be Your feet,

I値l go where You send me.I値l go where You send me, And I値l try
                  Yeah, I値l try to touch the world like You touched my life,
                                                and I値l find my way to be Your hands.

2.   I致e abandoned every selfish thought,
      I致e surrendered everything I致e got,
      You can have everything I am,        
      And perfect everything I知 not . . .

      I am willing, I知 not afraid,  You give me strength  when I say:     (chorus)

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